Join us for two days of all ages fun and entertainment.

Last Updated: 9/24/2018

2018 Entertainment

  • Albrecht von Aachen,master of the minstrels
  • Bobert the Great, strolling slight-of-hand magician
  • Brotherhood of Steel, encampment & sword show
  • Clan MacSwade, Highland Heavy Games demos
  • Faerie Queen Titania, 3 shows a day – “Play with the Faeries”
  • Guildmeister Phillip, Singing Pirate Bartender
  • Highland Marital Mayhem, spousal bliss w/ swords
  • History Man, inter-active bow making & carving
  • Jaden Drake, Gate Constable & Official Greeter
  • Lady Lisa, harpist & flutist extraordinaire
  • Master Calligrapher Lady Cheryl, letter arts & smiles
  • Norse Fyre, choreographed aerials & fire show (from Omaha)
  • Olskipan Vikings, Norse living history village
  • Orckes & Trolles, legendary music trio w/ CDs
  • Pope Malarkey I & Sister Shamrock, Vatican VIPs
  • Scenery Changes, comedy improv & skits
  • Shire of Dark River, Society for Creative Anachronism
  • Stulto Mori, Royal Court & lawn game participation
  • Warwick, living history museum & fencing battles
  • Ye Royal Trumpeter, horn herald of the high court