Stulti Mori – royal court

Join us for two days of all ages fun and entertainment. Experience the thrill of horseback jousting tournaments daily, and enjoy great comedy, magic, juggling, music and dance.

Entertainment for 2017 will begin appearing here later this year. Meanwhile, here is an example of what types of acts to expect from our last event.

2017 Stage Entertainment

  • Joust Evolution, the Midwest’s premier equestrian show
  • Fandazzi Fire Circus, renowned choreographed fire dance
  • Stulto Mori, Medieval games afield
  • Stulto Mori, royal entourage
  • Guardians of the Black Forest, armored live steel combat
  • Clan MacSwade, Highland games demonstrations
  • ELIL, veteran recorder quartet
  • Shire of Dark River, living history museum exhibits (SCA)
  • Albrecht von Aachen, master minstrel of many instruments